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Naturally balanced design with nature in mind

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Smart Design


What feels good

Feng Shui is a 5000 year old philosophy based in ancient traditions to help bring harmony and balance to your environments. Knowing what feels good in your spaces and surrounding yourself with the elements you love will inspire your creativity and enhance your life.


Design in line with your dreams and goals

If you strive to live in a healthy body, you most likely want to also live in a healthy home. How the energy flows in your home matters to you and it effects everything in your daily life. Your home can bring you into harmony and prosperity, where you feel good or it can lead you into despair and frustration or sickness and chaos. Feng Shui Design in San Luis Obispo


Clarity in design

We all seek to find the perfect home for our families and sometimes live in many places before getting it right. A Feng Shui Expert is similar to a life coach accept for your home. Identifying blocks and negative energy effecting you and your family.  It's important that everyone has input into what feels best for them in their own personal living spaces. Being on the same page will create family cooperation as well as harmony and abundance. As your family grows or diminishes over time so does the Feng Shui change or may need adjustments.

Balanced elements in every phase

Feng Shui go green

Smart Feng Shui Design

Using the 5 elements in every aspect of your design. Balancing shapes and using the "art of placement" for a natural energy flow; bringing nature indoors. Whether you start your projects from scratch or have an existing home, office or apartment good feng shui and smart design can be implemented with a Feng Shui Expert on board with you.

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Shapes, places and things matter

The art of placement and balanced design is the essence of Feng Shui using its 5000 yr. old secrets.

From proper lighting to paint colors, furniture placement to an uncluttered space makes such a difference in how we feel and how we react to various situations in your life.

Let the light shine through


Our environments are meant to come alive! The more alive they are the more aliveness we feel in our own bodies. Good Feng Shui as well as good design makes sense to your overall well-being. A Feng Shui Expert should be skilled, professional, and ready to make you happy.

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